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Name:Daniel Kanegem

Created, drawn, and played by [ profile] zumidotexe

Name: Daniel Kanegem (aliases include Daniel Renoir and Robin Kanegem)
Age: Usually played around 17-18, occasionally 16 or vaguely older than 18
Height: 5'6"-5'11", depending on age
Appearance: Here
Weapons: Twin scissor katar gauntlets, blades hidden within and extendable at the press of the palm crossbar.
Character Notes: Daniel has PTSD, please let me know here if you're uncomfortable with threading anything dealing with that.

Daniel comes from a magical world, one where all those myths and legends you've heard about are true. Magic was intrinsic to the world from the very beginning, being found in every living thing be it plant, animal, or (after a couple million years of evolution of course) human. Some creatures had it more than others, and in these the magic created fantastical elements: beast men, wings, elemental powers, and so on. Even humans weren't immune, with the magic manifesting as assorted "super powers" like flight, telekinesis, super strength, the ability to transform, etc. However, where magic gives, magic also takes away, and this came in the form of "Chaotics"- horrible, feral beasts that are what happens when the magic in a being rots through one method or another, changing the being into a mindless chimeric beast that lived selfishly and fought ferociously. Because of the blight of Chaotics on the land, persecution of early humans sent magical creatures-- termed "demons" --into hiding, and so the world went on in relative peace, the existence of these beings lasting in myth and song.

This all changed a few centuries ago, when clans of demons banded together, tired of hiding only to be killed off one by one if they ever "stepped out of turn". They created a massive movement, and though it took at least another half century, demons (and equally persecuted magical humans) were finally free. They could live throughout the world as people did, even though they still faced tension from those seeking to send them back where they came from. Chaotics, of course, were still the main problem but this is when the profession of Chaotic hunting was formed. Villages and fortresses spread throughout the land, and it was through their guardianship that humanity was able to flourish and spread across the globe.

It's from a renowned village in modern times that Daniel hails from, made of warriors of one such organization of hunters known as the Nameless Sentinels. He was adopted by his godparents at a young age (though he wouldn't know this until later) when his original parents could no longer take care of him, and raised in the art of Chaotic warfare. Everything was going about as well as it could've been, up until the point Daniel was 14. He was out on the outer wall of East Hollow working with the other guards, learning the ropes of guard duty, when all of a sudden a nightmare appeared through the trees surrounding the village. Chaotics, more together than anyone had ever seen together, suddenly came cascading down on the walls, before Daniel or anyone else could even raise the alarm. The horrific beasts broke through the barrier and rampaged on the town, tearing through it with tooth and fang.

Daniel was one of the survivors. His parents were not.

Though he fought bravely, the wave of Chaotics moving through absolutely destroyed the village, leaving Daniel alone of his family. It took him several days to pick himself back up, well beyond the mass funeral held by the straggled few who lived through the attack, but eventually he decided to sell off the home and find somewhere smaller for himself. It was in going through his parents' effects that he found a file of important papers on himself, showing the truth of his adoption. This news hit him hard, but where loss of loved ones and identity would knock someone out for a few days, in Daniel it lit the fire of ambition. He sold off his family's artifacts, keeping a select few for himself, and left the remains of East Hollow behind.

Destination? Halfway across the country, to his birth home listed on his papers. It took him two years of camping and travel but he eventually made it.... To utterly no avail. His natural parents were no longer there, and tracking down the official listed on the papers was a dead end. Undaunted, he returned to a large city where he'd made some recent friends, to rest and regroup, and figure out what he was going to do next.

Daniel was always fairly serious even from the beginning, concentrating on his training and giving it the respect and focus it deserved. This only intensified after the attack on East Hollow, sharpening his more serious parts into a steel edge. Though when younger he still went out and had fun, alone or with friends, or spent time in relaxation, now he was more likely to push himself until he utterly dropped. He's foregone his own health more times than should be, well, healthy, all on a deadset determination to accomplish his goal. The events at East Hollow scarred him deeply, forcing him to grow up far too fast, and it's hard to say when- if ever -he'll be able to recover from it.

Occasionally he gets into depressive moods, from which it can be hard to pull him out of. He tends to isolate himself whenever it happens, or reach out to only one or two trusted souls. These moods are compounded by occasional nightmares or flare-ups of his temper, the latter sometimes without due course. Such rancorous moods can disappear as quickly as they came, leaving him back to whatever he'd been doing before. If encountered during a flashback episode he's flighty and may attack if he believes he's not safe; this is a problem with flashbacks, and Daniel in this state should be treated with extreme care. He does know how to get himself out of them though, having dealt with his PTSD (even if he wasn't aware of what it was) for two years, so if he absolutely must be left alone, he'll come around soon enough.

Of course, this isn't to say he's all stoic or attitude. He can smile easily enough, and it's not hard for tender moments to touch him emotionally. Though his laugh doesn't come often, when it does it's joyful and heartfelt; he has a snarky side to him too, a cockiness born from his abilities and, well, being a teenager. This gives him something of a bratty edge, thankfully at least somewhat tempered by his overall genial nature.

Above all though, Daniel is determined and not someone to let something shove him down for long. Even if he seems sad or scared, he'll get back up and push through the difficulty, if for no other reason than to keep moving forward.
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